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Blackwater Employment

3 Stages You Have to Go Through

Blackwater employment is one of the best things that could happen to you. Blackwater is trusted by government agencies as well as private or commercial companies and being part of the company means a lot. You become part of an organization that specializes in high class risk assessment, security and protection. However, before you get to be employed by the company, you will have to go through various stages namely assessment, training and actual employment.

  • Assessment

Most who reach the assessment stage of the Blackwater employment are recruited by the Blackwater’s personnel but there are also some who go voluntarily. The Blackwater has security solutions and professionals who have access to information. They use the information for intelligence analysis. They are also the one to take care of recruitment, screening and evaluation. Note that they base their decision on the customers’ needs.

  • Training

Training is a big part of preparation to Blackwater employment. The government agencies in the United States as well as commercial companies around the world are the main clients of Blackwater. This is why the company invests a lot on the training of their staffs. The trainers are veteran of law enforcement agencies. Some even came from the military. They are hired by the company to provide military group courses. Sometimes, they would also add additional courses when requested by the client. Some of the training courses in Blackwater involve high risk live fire, counter terrorist, high threat protection and driving. The company has 50 tactical firing ranges (800 and 1,200 yard firing distance). The targeting systems range from pop up to rotating. The training areas mimic various environments from rural to water areas. The counter terrorist trainings are also a big part since the company has been providing products and services to foreign military organizations that aim to combat terrorism. The trainings usually include practice in interdicting weapons of mass destruction and various terrorist’s activities. There are also trainings for protecting high profile clients such as presidents and CEOs. Additionally, there are driving trainings. At Blackwater, it is not enough that you know how to drive. You will be trained on roads with s-turns, obstacles and hairpin turns.

  • Protection

The actual Blackwater employment comes after trainings (i.e. if you pass the training courses). You will be able to serve for organizations including government agencies in need of security agents. Your job will depend on the progress you shown throughout the training. You can be involved in high risk or mobile protection. You can even be part of the team of emergency medical technicians deployed by Blackwater across the world.

You can consider Blackwater employment if you are looking for a good job that pays well. The government agencies and commercial companies are in great need for security and protection specialist. You be recruited by Blackwater. It means you will go through assessment, evaluation and training. The company has trainers who are experienced in real life dangers. They usually come from the military and other law enforcement agencies. They will prepare you for possible Blackwater employment where you can protect mobile and fixed assets as well as high profile clients.